JEM Creative Creations


For the Love of Yarn and AnimalsĀ 

Hi there! I'm Jackie and I am the one-woman show behind JEM Creative Creations, crocheting anything and everything plushy and cute. I live in the Syracuse, New York area with my husband and two furry children (cats), who inspire and support me.

Being an animal lover and pet enthusiast (...and probably a crazy cat lady as well...), I truly enjoy crocheting for other animal-crazy folks. I especially love the challenge of designing dog breeds that were not previously in my repertoire. But, more than anything, I love recreating customers' pets, and being able to help grieving pet parents with a custom crocheted pet plush. As an incurable perfectionist, I will work your order until you are completely happy with the end result.

As someone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet more than once, I am empathetic to others who are grieving; one of my many goals is that you do not feel alone in your sadness.

If you are interested in a crocheted pet portrait, please send me a message or e-mail [email protected]